Friday, June 29, 2007

Slow making websites & blogs

Things are moving very slowly here at Slow Making - not entirely intentionally. However, it hasn't been deserted.

One of the key benefits of the web is the ability to be able to engage with a milieu through links - which can lead you to some fantastic places, and raise notions & thoughts & engagements difficult to replicate through other medium.

For makers and designers interested in the idea of Slow Making, peeking into the world of other makers or artists is invaluable. How do other people address the problems of ethically procuring materials? Balancing the contemplative making process with the pressures of making a living? Presenting their work, selling their work ethically? As well as the visual richness of other work, other solutions and other processes.

The web has also thrown up some intriguing possibilities about communication generally. Websites & blogs offer the maker a platform to present their work & their philosophies in a far more direct and unmediated way than the usual means. Rather than marketing slickness, demographic targets and sales results, a maker's blog or website can be about the specific of practice, place and principle.

So - if you are a maker, artist or designer who has their own website or blog that you think reflects a making philosophy within the Slow Making gambit, either email your url or post it in comments. We will put up a list of Slow Making blogs & websites in the right hand sidebar of the blog. And we will check & monitor them to keep out the gremlins as much as possible.